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Welcome Back!

To Central Ontario where it is always warm and inviting, no matter how cold it gets! GP Outdoors is a place for folks who enjoy working on their land and in the outdoors.

This website offers practical, quality products focused on helping you work a little safer and more effectively in the outdoors.  Check out the rest of the site and the store – you might find something that you can use working your property.

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about gp outdoors

I enjoy working in my outdoors and started sharing my activities and projects online on my YouTube channel – GP Outdoors – some time ago. I very quickly realized that there are so many others that also enjoy  their outdoors and soon an online community emerged with good folks who enjoying sharing their experience and advice with each other through the channel. If you have a little piece of land and enjoy working on it, then you truly know why they call it The Good Life! Sunshine, fresh air, good honest work and a big feeling of achievement when you get ‘er done!

 Often on the channel someone will ask me what a particular tool or equipment I was using is,  and where they can buy it.  Some of the equipment I use may not be readily available to some folks so I decided to start this online store to start offering equipment or tools which I use, or find practical and useful working in my outdoors, and to make those tools readily available to you. 

I will continue to add new products going forward so check out the site often and regularly! All the best to you and your families! Cheers!!

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